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  1. Nulledsec seems dead. How can we bring it back to life?
  2. *replies to see content*
  3. How can you test something that doesn't exist?
  4. I don't. I tried getting it, but this dude's from the darkweb, so he's super paranoid. All he gave me was his email, which looks like a temp email. megafon.login1987@gmail.com. Last I heard from him, he said he gave up trying to find her, because it was "too risky". I got him to click a grabify link with social engineering, so you might be able to get him to download a metasploit payload through ngrok or something. He's using android 5.11, so it should be decently easy. Also, I already warned the victim that the dude was after her.
  5. I don't know... Sounds kinda sketchy. First of all, it's too small to take anything away. Second, how would you know if it even can take away virginity, if you're still a virgin, BITCH?
  6. https://pastebin.com/0a4RLrTZ there ya go bby! xoxo, frag.
  7. Good job bro! 0 open ports :( Dude's partial email: s***u@s***j (i think he just typed random shit in the email field) I checked it, it's most def. Not a vpn. It's static, which is awesome. abuse@att.net - That's his isp's abuse email. Maybe shoot 'em a email detailing his skiddiness. Should I post it to pastebin? Also, what'd this skid do?
  8. So there's this dude on kik who keeps bitching about sex bots joining his group, and he wants me to solve it. I don't want to, so is there any free bots like ragebot that automatically removes bots?
  9. Frag

    Huge list of pedos

    So for the last 4 or so years, me and a few other hacktivists have been taking down pedophiles on kik. Here's a list we made awhile back, with all the annoying pedophiles that were difficult to deal with. Have fun! https://pastebin.com/VjGGrY2c
  10. So apperently there was a study in 2014 I believe, that showed that 1 in 10 people thought html was a sexually transmitted disease. What the actual fuck. I've lost hope in humanity.
  11. It has recently come to our attention that the feds have taken down yet another one of our most loved websites... RIP weleakinfo.com, it has served us well through the past years. It will be missed. T-T #FuckFBIFriday
  12. So apperently weleakinfo.com got seized by the feds. It was a website that covered data breaches, and gave out hashed passwords of breached accounts. Is there anything like that on the web, that actually provides hashes or passwords?
  13. So awhile back, about 20 days ago, I was on the onion chattng with random people. A individual from Angarsk, Russia contacted me, asking me to help him find out the address of a old classmate of his. I inquired why he needed to know, and his plans are to find her, kidnap her, and rape her. So I played along, to attempt to gather more information, and I have our full chatlogs if anyone needs proof. So the information I could gather: Name: (possibly) Максим Моисеев Age: 32 years old. Email: megafon.login1987 ip: OS: Android 5.1.1 User agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Linux; Android 5.1.1; NX512J) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/79.0.3945.93 Mobile Safari/537.36 And that's all I got on him. If you decide to take on this case, please don't let the potential rapist know I'm after him. If you need any more details, feel free to private message me.
  14. That's perfect. Thanks so much! I didn't even think about the api.
  15. Oh, and also adding a cover photo from a external link would be nice. Y'all did it for your profile photo, but not the cover photo.
  16. Do you have any other information other then the ip? Nmap shoes absolutely nothing.
  17. So kik uses xmpp, so I was thinking if you got a jid, you could talk to said person over pidgin, or something of the sorts. Well, that doesn't seem to work, which is strange as kik appears to be using a out-of-the-box tigase server... So my question, is how could one use pidgin to communicate with a user on kik?
  18. Does it click things intentionally? Like does the mouse move to the close window button, then click, or open programs in a way that seems intentional? In that case, you might have a remote access tool, or something of the sorts. If it's just doing it random, try updating your drivers in the control panel.
  19. I'm going to assume you mean penetration testing. What I'd reccomend, is just start googling things. Like let's say you read in a fourm "http bruteforcing using hydra". Google http, and how the protocol works, google bruteforcing, how that works, and it's limitations, and google thc-hydra, and figure out how that works, and how to use it to it's full potential. Do that with everything you hear, that you don't fully understand, and after a few years, you'll be pretty proficent.
  20. Not at all. Masturbation is a common way to relieve stress or greif. I'm sure you made larry a nice coffin, and had a beautiful funeral. The only time you should be concerned, is if you were to shove larry inside your penis. At that point you may have a rare mental disability called aspidocis. Please seek medical aid if you believe you have aspidocis.
  21. Well, I have a few suggestions. 1. Make a .onion version of this. I believe it would attract a lot more people, as the fourm looks well made. 2. Some sort of private messaging system. Mainly so I can annoy the piss out of certain people. 3. Rename it to fragsec, instead of nulledsec.
  22. Hi daddy, i'm frag! I'm going to whine like a child until I get admin!
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