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  1. Wanna know a secret? I have a forest under my underwear and there's a magical thing that can take stuff from people like their virginity (;
  2. Ye post it in pastebin why not uwu
  3. Pretends he knows shit while he doesn't. I've hit him from that ip when i first pulled it, but he kept coming with excuses like: "I logged out." And "It's an emulator." "It's a vpn." Often changes. Fuck SELinux, fuck skids lmao @SecurityEnhanced (No, it's not a softether ip, thats another lie of his.)
  4. R.I.P WeLeakInfo ngl i miss it 😔
  5. This is for the ones that don't want to get a modded kik to get rid of the ads. (; This is a simple edit that just removes the ads for the ones that don't like them. Download https://easyupload.io/9cjvkk Ad free latest version kik Password:kek Credits @cracked and lucky patcher lol
  6. Maybe this method isn't legit, but Amazon is not much safe like you think it is (; I've tricked it before and got some free items, but different method.
  7. Мне трудно понять, бот ты или нет. кстати я использовал гугл переводчик чтобы отправить это сообщение
  8. Poor spider, but boi is a boi. Boi does his stuff Yes you should feel a lil bad Uwu
  9. Hey @Cynbe careful umi's here 😂
  10. Is this actually cyn? 😂😂 @Crimson @UnknownGrill
  11. Get ready to get bullied on nulledsec😂
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