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  1. Мне трудно понять, бот ты или нет. кстати я использовал гугл переводчик чтобы отправить это сообщение
  2. Poor spider, but boi is a boi. Boi does his stuff Yes you should feel a lil bad Uwu
  3. Hey @Cynbe careful umi's here
  4. Is this actually cyn? @Crimson @UnknownGrill
  5. Get ready to get bullied on nulledsec
  6. https://throwbin.io/apKRZob
  7. Not cracked by me. https://pastr.io/view/HalJc6
  8. You can make a religion out of this shizen.
  9. Note: This post is outdated and our Q&A has been moved to one place. You can find our Q&A On the NulledSec Category. We also made guest be able to post in the Q&A. Do you have a question related to the NulledSec Forum? Hacking, Cracking etc? No Problem! We Introduce you...(BaDaBumTss) NulledSec Q&A on NulledSec Q&A you can easily ask a question, and get it answered. You can also answer other member's questions and gather points! Join NulledSec Q&A now and answer or ask a question right away! Url: NulledSec.com/qa/ - NulledSec Staff Team
  10. Would recommend you stating the reason of dox
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